Originality ai coupon code 💖to Get 50 % discount

Introducing one of 2023’s best deals in AI content detection tools and services – a golden opportunity to save big, with a 50% off coupon code for Originality AI! With this fantastic deal, you can significantly cut your costs on the advanced tools offered by Originality AI, whether you’re an AI enthusiast or a professional looking to streamline your projects.

Overview of Originality.ai discount code

Originality AI has announced its exclusive coupon code for 2023, Extension50, which allows you to get a staggering 50% off on $20 credit purchases on Originality AI’s website. This coupon code is yours to exploit, opening a door for you to access the platform’s advanced AI tools and services at an unbeatably low cost.

Importance of saving money on Originality AI ai detector

Economic practicality is as important in technology as it is in any other field. This tremendous 50% discount code from Originality AI provides an affordable way for users to leverage advanced AI tools, enabling greater efficiency and productivity in their work. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or making your first venture into the AI world, embracing such savings is both a smart and economical move. Don’t miss out on this opportunity in 2023!

How to Use Originality AI Coupon Code

Are you seeking to save substantial amounts on your content checks using Originality AI in 2023? In this section, let’s discuss how you can utilize an exclusive coupon code to achieve just that!

Step-by-step guide on using the coupon code

Subscribing to Originality AI and getting a 50% discount is straightforward. Here’s a simple guide to activate  originality ai coupon:

  • Navigate to the Originality AI website
  • Create a new account or simply log into your existing one.
  • Tap on the “Credits” tab on the left sidebar and click “Purchase Credits” in the upper right corner.
  • Select how many credits you need (maximum cap is 100,000).
  • Lastly, apply the promo code “Extension50“.
  • Make the payment at checkout page and you’re all set!

Originality AI discount code

Benefits of using the coupon code

Utilizing the coupon code not only saves you 50% instantly on the credit purchase but also ensures you get cost-effective plagiarism and AI content scans. It’s a win-win situation where you avail state-of-the-art services at a discounted rate. So, don’t miss out on this fantastic chance to save! Remember, the coupon code is “Extension50”. Use it when You are purchasing credits for content scans.

Originality AI Pricing

Understanding the pricing of Originality AI can help you maximize your savings when using a coupon code.

Normal Pricing of Originality AI

Normally, each Originality.ai credit costs you 0.01c, with each credit allowing you to scan 100 words of content for either AI content or plagiarism. If you want to do both scans on the same text, the price doubles.

Discounted Pricing with the Coupon Code

But with an exclusive coupon code “Extension50“, you can save 50% on your purchase. Remember, the coupon code is valid for a $20 credit purchase made via Originality.ai’s website. Apply the promo code at the checkout to avail of the discount.

Looking for bigger savings? A 50% discount is also available through special promotional videos. Always keep an eye out for these extra savings!

Features and Benefits of Originality AI

When it comes to ensuring the originality and authenticity of content, Originality AI stands out as an innovative solution. This AI content detection tool is equipped with a plethora of features.

Explanation of the features offered by Originality AI

  • AI Content Detection: Originality AI is capable of identifying if a content is generated using AI, helping you avoid duplicated or artificial content.
  • Plagiarism Checker: This tool doubles as a robust plagiarism checker, capable of sifting through millions of articles to pinpoint any content that exhibits potential signs of plagiarism.
  • Readability Score Calculation: Originality AI also calculates the readability score of your text, allowing you to make it more engaging and accessible for a broader audience.

Benefits of using Originality AI for content detection

The use of Originality AI comes with numerous advantages. It ensures the originality of your content, betters the quality of writing and sidesteps plagiarism-related issues. Furthermore, it enables detection of paraphrasing and rephrasing, thus promoting unique content.

Benefits of Using Originality AI for Content Detection
1. 99% AI Content Detection Accuracy 🎯
2. Most accurate AI Content Detector & Plagiarism Checker for Content Marketers 👌
3. Trusted by Industry Leaders 🌟
4. Built for Publishers, Agencies, and Writers (Not for Students) 🏢🖋️
5. Detect AI-generated and plagiarized content with ease 🕵️
6. Bulk Site Scan to understand the risk of your site being included in future potential AI updates from Google 📊
7. Rank better on Google and other search engines with the Readability feature 📈
8. Prove to clients that your content is original as a content marketing agency 🔒
9. No more false positives for writers ✍️🚫
10. Add unlimited team members and complete unlimited scans for comprehensive content checks 🧑‍💼
11. Accurate AI Detection with 99% accuracy on GPT-4, 83% on ChatGPT, and ~2% false positives 🧠
12. Plagiarism Checking to easily identify copied content 📝
13. Readability Score to optimize content for ideal readability 📖
14. Team Management for efficient collaboration and workflow management 🤝
15. AI Content Detector API for seamless integration into existing tools or workflows 🖥️
16. Shareable Reports to showcase compliance with AI, Plagiarism, and Readability requirements 🔗
17. User-Friendly Plagiarism Detection with easy-to-understand percentage scores and text highlighting 📊
18. Excellent customer reviews and testimonials from industry professionals 🗣️
19. Featured by leading publications for accurate AI detection capabilities 📰
20. Flexible pricing options with pay-as-you-go and base subscription plans 💵

Comparison with Other AI Content Detectors

Originality AI stands out among the numerous AI content detectors available today. Powered by the cutting-edge GPT-4 language model, this tool offers a stunning 99% accuracy in detecting AI-generated content. It can distinguish material produced by models like GPT-3, GPT-2, and ChatGPT. Unlike other platforms such as Copyleaks or Content at Scale, Originality AI validates originality in both human and machine-generated text with precision.

Comparison between Originality AI and other similar tools

Here’s a quick comparison:

ToolAccuracyLanguage Model UtilisedDetection Range
Originality AI99%GPT-4GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-4, GPT-J, GPT-Neo, ChatGPT
Content at Scale85%NANA

Advantages of using Originality AI with the coupon code

Using the Originality AI coupon code provides you with a 50% discount on $20 credit purchases, thereby enhancing affordability. Similar markdowns aren’t usually offered by alternative tools on the market. By investing in Originality AI, you not only guarantee the uniqueness of your content but also get excellent value for your money.


Q: How can I get a discount on Originality.ai?

A: You can get Originality.ai promo code by using the coupon code provided. This will give you a 50% discount on the GPT-4 Content Detector.

Q: Where can I find the Originality.ai coupon code?

A: The Originality.ai coupon code can be found on the Originality.ai website or through promotional emails.

Q: When does the Originality.ai coupon code expire?

A: The expiration date of the Originality.ai coupon code may vary. Please check the website or promotional materials for the specific expiration date.

Q: How much discount does the Originality.ai coupon code offer?

A: The Originality.ai coupon code offers a discount of 50% on the GPT-4 Content Detector.

Q: Can I use the Originality.ai coupon code for a free trial?

A: The Originality.ai coupon code is not applicable for a free trial. It is specifically for the GPT-4 Content Detector.

Q: How do I apply the Originality.ai coupon code?

A: To apply the Originality.ai coupon code, you can enter it during the checkout process on the Originality.ai website.

Q: Is there a promo code for Originality.ai in 2023?

A: Yes, there is a promo code for Originality.ai in 2023. You can find the promo code on the Originality.ai website or through promotional emails.

Q: Can I use the Originality.ai coupon code more than once?

A: The Originality.ai coupon code can typically be used only once per customer. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the coupon code for specific details.

Q: Does Originality.ai offer any other coupon codes?

A: Yes, Originality.ai may offer other coupon codes from timeto time. You can stay updated by checking their website or subscribing to their promotional emails.

Q: Does Originality.ai have a free trial?

A: Yes, Originality.ai offers a free trial for their services. However, the coupon code is not applicable for the free trial.
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