Free video squeeze page builder for beginners

Sign up for this free website to start creating video squeeze pages

Step 1

Free video squeeze page builder for beginners

Step 2

Confirm the verification link sent via Email

Free video squeeze page builder for beginners

Step 3

Once logged in to the dashboard click on funnels from the top menu

Free video squeeze page builder for beginners

Step 4

Click on the create button to create a new squeeze page

Free video squeeze page builder for beginners

Step 5

Give the squeeze page a name then select build an audience and select from the list of currency and click on save

Free video squeeze page builder for beginners

Step 6

Click on the newly created landing page

Free video squeeze page builder for beginners

Step 7

Select from the list of templates that actually suit your needs click on select to start editing the template using the easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor

Free video squeeze page builder for beginners

Step 8

Change the name of the URL to your liking and click that magic wand icon to start editing the template there is no auto-save function so always save the changes that you make by clicking on that light green save icon. On the left side, you can also do drag and drop and make the changes in the steps like moving the thank you pages adding or removing other extra steps.

Free video squeeze page builder for beginners

Step 9

After you add all your content using the drag-and-drop builder when everything is ready just click on the save changes icon on top that will save your squeeze page that’s the final step of creating a free squeeze page using a free website builder

Free video squeeze page builder for beginners

Can Facebook pixel/Google analytics be integrated with a free video squeeze page builder on

Yes, Facebook pixel and Google Analytics can be easily integrated with a free video squeeze page builder on This integration allows you to track and analyze the performance of your squeeze page, measure conversions, and optimize your marketing efforts efficiently. By adding facebook pixel and google analytics, you gain valuable insights into user behavior and engagement, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to boost your conversions and maximize your marketing ROI.

What is a Video Squeeze Page?

A video squeeze page is an effective way to capture potential leads and convert them into subscribers. It is a landing page that has one purpose—to collect subscribers’ email addresses. It typically contains a minimal amount of graphics, details, and additional information, making it shorter than a traditional landing page.

The way this works is by offering a compelling offer to the visitors in exchange for their email address. This offer could be anything from a free download, a discount, or a subscription to a newsletter. Once the visitor gives their email address, they will be added to the email list and can be contacted in the future.

Videos are a great addition to squeeze pages because they help to engage the visitors and draw their attention to the offer at hand. Videos should be used whenever they directly support the offer at hand, such as a webinar or a product demonstration. Videos should also be used to explain the offer and why it’s worth signing up for.

Is It Possible to Create an Optin Page Without a Website Using a Free Video Squeeze Page Builder?

Is it Possible to Create Optin Pages Without Websites? Absolutely! With the help of free video squeeze page builders, creating optin pages without websites has become easier than ever. These builders provide user-friendly tools and templates that allow you to design attractive optin pages and collect valuable leads without having a website.

Benefits of Using Video Squeeze Pages

Having a video squeeze page can be incredibly beneficial. Video squeeze pages can help you capture your visitor’s attention, increase conversions, and build trust.

Firstly, video squeeze pages allow you to capture attention. People are more likely to watch a video than read a wall of text. This means that video squeeze pages are great for capturing the attention of potential customers and leads.

Secondly, videos can help you boost conversions. Using the right video on your squeeze page can help persuade people to subscribe. This is because it is easier to understand a product or service through a video than through written words.

Finally, using a video squeeze page can help you build trust with potential customers. By showing visitors that you are a real person behind the brand, you can create an emotional connection with them and make them more likely to engage with your product or service.

In summary, video squeeze pages are an effective way to convert visitors into leads and subscribers. They are shorter than traditional landing pages and use videos to engage visitors and draw their attention to the offer. They also allow you to capture the visitor’s email address so you can eventually sell them on something later.

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